Excursions from Bodrum, Turkey

Last Updated on May 3, 2019

With Bodrum or another town on the Bodrum Peninsula as your base you can make excursions to several of Turkey’s top sights.

With a rental/hire car, or car and driver, you can make an excellent day-trip to some (but probably not all) of these sights:


When I think of a ruined Greek temple, I think of the Temple of Zeus at Euromos, the perfect Hollywood-like example: most of its columns standing, dignified but forlorn, in the midst of olive trees. You can easily stop here on your drive north, as the temple is just east of the highway. More…


One of Turkey’s most famous sights, the vast and monumental ruins of the Roman Empire‘s largest Asian city are a must-see if you have the time. This may be the centerpiece of your excursion. Near it are several other important sights: the scant ruins of the Artemision, the St John Basilicaİsa Bey Mosque, the excellent Ephesus Museum and, high on a hill above Ephesus, the House of the Virgin MaryMore…


The gigantic oracular Temple of Apollo at Didyma(Didim) rivalled that of Delphi in wealth and prestige. Though ruined, visitors are still impressed with its huge size and beautiful decoration. More…


Among the largest and most impressive Hellenistic theaters in Anatolia, the Theater of Miletus is set at the southern edge of the Meander River flood plain. More…


From its dramatic setting on a steep hillside with an even steeper mountain behind it, the ancient city of Prienelooks out onto the Meander River flood plain from its northern edge. This was the first city to use a grid street plan. More…


A historically-preserved Ottoman Greek mountain village famed for its olives, oilve oil, fruits and wines, Şirince is worth an hour’s stroll, a half-day’s exploration, or even an overnight. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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