How much does it cost to get a full mouth of dental implants in Turkey?

A full mouth of Dental Implants can vary based on clinic and personal health status- here's a good estimate:

The average price of a full set of Dental Implants in Turkey can range from $3,000- $5,000.

Here's why that number may vary.

1. Number of teeth needing to be repaired.

Your full set of implants may be far less than someone else's if you do not have the same mouth. It sounds quite self-explanatory, and it is. Each individual is going to have different needs when it comes to a full mouth of dental implants.

3. Choice of material & Installation technology.

Each individual is going to have a different preference and desire when it comes to how they want their dental implants to be installed and what type of implant they think is best. A few examples are dental surgery, laser or express implementation. The cheapest option for installation of dental implants not surgical implementation, this actually increases the cost, but instead prosthesis. The material you may choose for your implants impact the final price dramatically. Typically Titanium is always the root of an implant however, you can mix a different element with it to cheapen the cost.


2. Necessity of other procedures (Ex: Bone Graft).

Your mouth's condition (bone and dental tissue), determines the necessity of other procedures such as inserting a membrane, sinus lifting, or more. Such added procedures can increase your price by 15-25%. While these added procedures may seem like a hassle, if you have the need for them there's no way around them. Choosing a good dental clinic means you should be able to asses the need for such procedures and add them into your plan easily.

4. Dental Clinic

Of course, each Dental Clinic like in other places in the world, are going to have differences in pricing. Some clinics may have higher rates, but also have better service, or more advanced materials. Others, may be lower and still have the same value. Either way, we highly recommend doing extensive research before making your final implant decision. A full mouth of dental implants in Turkey can be easily and successfully done- just don't cut corners on the decision-making process!


When you look at price comparisons to other countries such as the US, prices in Turkey are the best for the value presented. For example in the USA, the average price of a full set of implants is $34,000. Compared to Turkey this is a fraction of the cost. You can receive both quality implants, quality service and visit one of the world's top destinations. It's undeniably a win-win situation.

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