Is it safe to go to Turkey for dental implants?

Turkey is one of the world's top ten destinations globally. The preservation of it's rich and unique culture, diverse landscapes, and incredible cuisine, are just a few reasons why Turkey is so well known. One lesser-known detail of Turkey's success is its's advanced medical and dental systems.

1. Global Accredidation

"Dental care in Turkey is of a high standard.The dentists have facilities, which meet Western standard and they are mainly private with no fixed prices for treatments." 

Writes Health Management. Contrary to pupular belief, just because you haven't heard of a country or it's new to you doesn't mean its standards are innately lower. While it can be scary to think of letting someone you've never met work on your teeth, if you commit to doing good research regarding which clinic you choose for implants you can have an incredible, globally accreddited experience. For example, one of our top clinics, Magic Smile, has a GCR score of 4.5. with a 95% success rate for Dental Implants. Many other clinics in Turkey also have top ratings, make sure to enquire of this rating before making a final choice.


If it is not clear from the pictures featured, clearly Turkey is quite beautiful. Yet despite the movie like scenery, some may be scared to get medical procedures or dental work done in Turkey. Dental Implants specifically, are a huge lifetime investment, and making sure it is safe to get them done in Turkey is important. Here's why though, if you're planning on getting your implants done in Turkey you can rest at ease.

2. Top of the line Dental Schools

The quality of Dental Schools in Turkey is a large contributing factor as to why Dental Impants in Turkey is a safe choice. Dental schools have an extensive study and training process. In total, studying Dentistry in Turkey has a 5 year minimum requirement of study and a one year period of practicum training doing real work to expand applicable skillsets. The Turkish DTA monitors the quality and acceptance of Graduated dentists to determine wether or not they can practice professionally.

3. International Follow Ups

Depending on the Clinic you choose to get your implants done at, you can receive follow ups in your home country. Many clinics partner with other Dental Clinics in Europe and the USA, to ensure their patient's safety and health should they return and have any follow up issues or complications. If you are researching or reaching out to clinics, make sure to inquire about wether or not they have partner clinics in your home country and what their success guarentee is.


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