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Last Updated on July 8, 2022

Below you’ll find all the details about how to get to Cappadocia (Kapadokya) from other parts of Turkey, as well as how to get around in Cappadocia.

Bus and plane are the best ways to go to Cappadocia due to its location within central Anatolia. Note that there are two main airports near to Cappadocia: Kayseri & Nevşehir.


Nevşehir Airport 

Nevşehir Airport (NAV) is the closest airport to Cappadocia, located just 40 minutes from the city center. Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR) is around 70 minutes east of Cappadocia.  In the summer, Turkish Airlines has daily flights from Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir to Nevşehir airport. For both Anadolu Jet and Turkish Airlines customers, there is a shuttle that will take you to Cappadocia’s city center for around 35 TL. If you are flying with a different airline, the most direct way to get to Cappadocia is to hire a transfer, taxi, or rental car from the airport, or be in contact with your hotel about a pick-up. There is also a bus that leaves from the Nevşehir airport at the top of every hour called the Tüzköy minibus. This bus will take you to Gülşehir and from there you can catch a local city bus into the main city center of Cappadocia. This is a much longer and more roundabout way, but it is a good option if you are on a tight budget and have extra time to spend.


If you are flying into Kayseri, transportation will be a bit more expensive as it is around 70 minutes away from Cappadocia. One of the best options is to hire a transfer, either by talking to your hotel ahead of time or hiring one at the airport. A taxi will be quite expensive as the distance is far, but it is also a simple option as they are easy to hire. Another option is to rent a car, as it is nice to have a vehicle once you arrive in Cappadocia to drive between the main towns which are all about 10 minutes apart.

Hire a Transfer

Our top recommended option is to hire a transfer, either from a travel agency or from a transfer company. They are very spacious, clean, and private. While transfers are great for trips to and from the airport, they are also very convenient for traveling between the main cities of Cappadocia such as Göreme, Ürgüp, and Avanos, which are all about 10-15 minutes apart. If you are in need of assistance for hiring a transfer or booking a tour, we recommend Pupa Tourism. This reputable agency is available to make any arrangements for you anywhere in Turkey and can provide quality guided tours, hotel reservations, car rental, airport pick-up, and more. Pupa is one of the best-staffed agencies in the country with personnel in Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Ephesus.

Take a Bus

A much cheaper and more scenic option is to take a bus. This does take more time, but can be a great way to experience more of Turkish culture and catch more of the scenery. From Istanbul, the trip is about 10 hours (you can choose a trip with or without rest-stops) and ticket prices are 350-370TL as of March 2022. The trips are usually overnight, the buses are quite clean and comfortable and Wi-Fi is usually available. The bus will drop you off at the Nevşehir Otogar (bus station) which is around 25 minutes from the city center. If you contact your hotel ahead of time, they will usually provide a transfer to pick you up, or you can easily take a taxi.

If you are staying in Göreme (the city center), depending on your starting location, you can book a bus that takes you directly there, and then you have no need for a transfer or taxi.


Bus and car are the easiest way, train is longer and less convenient (unless you go via Konya). Forget the plane—there are no nonstop flights. More...


Two airlines offer nonstop flights in the summer months, otherwise, you must fly via Istanbul, or (better) go by bus or car, stopping to see the sights at Beyşehir and/or Konya, and along the Silk RoadMore...


Several options: daily nonstop flights to Nevşehir-Kapadokya Airport and Kayseri's Erkilet Airport, direct overnight buses, or high-speed train-and-bus via Ankara or KonyaMore...

İzmir & Ephesus—Cappadocia

Several Kayseri-İzmir flights weekly, direct buses, and an interesting (if long) drive, or sleeper train-and-bus via Ankara or KonyaMore...

Pamukkale (Denizli)—Cappadocia

An interesting drive via Konya, or a longish bus ride. More...

Istanbul to Cappadocia

Ankara to Cappadocia

Transport in Cappadocia

Here's how to travel between Cappadocia's two airports and your Cappadocian hotel.

Unfortunately, except for the airport shuttles, local transport in Cappadocia is not well suited to sightseeing. Minibusses travel between towns now and then throughout the day, but they do not pass by all of the sights. The best ways to see the sights are by rental/hire carprivate car-and-driver hired from a travel agency, or on a guided tour. Luckily, there are numerous reputable guided tours. More...

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