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Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Anyone can learn 100 words!™

The 100 Most Useful Travel Words in Turkish™: that’s what you’ll find in my new ebook: 100 Travel Words – Turkish, 10 easy, quick flash-card lessons with Pronunciation Guide, basic Turkish Grammar, English-Turkish and Turkish-English Glossaries, and explanation of Turkish Vowel Harmony—all that you need for a short trip to Turkey, by Tom Brosnahan of TurkeyTravelPlanner.com.

The Ebook Advantage

Because it’s an ebooknot an app, you can read it on any electronic device that can read ebooks, no matter what brand: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop. You don’t have to worry about operating system (Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows). All of these can read this ebook. Just download the ebook, add it to your ebook-reading app (such as iBooks on Apple iOS devices), and study your 100 Most Useful Words whenever and wherever you like, offline—no need for an Internet, Wifi or mobile phone connection after you’ve downloaded it.

100 Travel Words - Turkish ebook
An easy-to-use flash-card format for your smartphone…

100 Words: Better Than 1,000 Words

For a short trip, learning 100 words—the right words—is better than buying a phrasebook or language course and trying to learn thousands of words. You won’t need or use thousands of words on a short trip, and those thousands of words may not even be the ones you’ll really want.

Flash-Card Design

The flash-card design is particularly good for learning a few words whenever you have a few spare minutes: waiting for someone, before an appointment, during a break in a meeting, whenever. Each 10-word lesson opens with a list of the words, and ends with a review of them. The English-Turkish and Turkish-English Glossaries are full alphabetical lists of all the words, making it easy to look up a word that comes to mind.

100 Travel Words - Turkish, Lesson 1, Word 3
The flash-card design helps you to concentrate on and memorize the word quickly…

Download the Ebook Here

You can download 100 Travel Words – Turkish in less than a minute and get started right away right here. A half hour from now, you could know 10 or 20 words of Turkish, or read through all 100 words and be on your way to learning them all. If you prefer, buy it on the Apple iBooks Store, or from Amazon.com for KindleMore…

Free Website!

You can have a peek at the 100 Most Useful Words on my free website 100 Travel Words.com – Click here!

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100 Travel Words – Turkish Ebook

Turkish Language Guide

Pronunciation Guide

Turkish Grammar

Country Names in Turkish

Turkish Vowel Harmony

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